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Never Give Up. Never Give Up.

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good god..

So, I see this is supposed to be a showcase of skill progression, but...


not so much.

This reminds me of the collages children make by cutting apart magazines and pasting them onto construction paper.

Instead of periodicals, you used sprite sheets.

I suppose it's worthwhile for what it is meant to portray, however after suffering through Kane's entrance theme for over a minute while nothing of actual sense was taking place on the screen, I had to close out the movie.

You have moderate talent, yes. Please continue to apply it as you have prior.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Although you didn't bother getting the whole picture, you've got some good points.

In the earlier days of my return to Flash, much of my motivation was rooted in making my favorite games tween and keyframe to my will. I eventually got accustomed to working with vectors, but it was with the pixel-puppets that I was able to quickly make sense of the program. A quick head count revealed that while vector-based scenes rule the intro, raster-based scenes (and rasterized original art) dominate the rest. I definitely considered making a significant revision to strike more of a balance between the two styles, but Real Life Stuff dictated I'd miss my intended submission date if I started.

About as context-breaking as it might've been for you to sit through, it was a BLOW to learn that this song was Kane's image theme...'specially when the story it tells has no relation to a wrestler patterned for the goths.

Epic Beard Man Epic Beard Man

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This is fantastic. I too have seen this youtube video.
You realize this makes us best friends for life, right?

Of course you do. What a silly stupid question.

Facebook Twitter Facebook Twitter

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Bandyhates is now following you on Twitter!

But what will happen to Draconius? Will he carry out his task or will Gigantor return to find nothing but an abandoned blade-helm and one less follower/ friend...



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Johnny, when are we going to rape teh nubs on lolGears?


FFVI - Who Is Gogo? FFVI - Who Is Gogo?

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If you don't know who Gogo actually is..

You clearly need to pay more attention to the story.

Gogo = Daryl.

Great flash, though. :D You should definitely make another, and include Siegfried (Baram) and Ziegfried (Lone Wolf).


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142 KM/H

Awesome, man. Best part is when Steve says 'fuckin' under his breath when Captain does the :3 face.

Great job. No scene selection, though? Also.. the shirt link is broken.


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Holy Apples!

You did Jeff proud, son. Great work!

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The Punisher VS Q The Punisher VS Q

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice job.

Good work, I'm sure it took quite a long time to make this.

I'm totally biased, so I had to 5 it of course. ;D

A Gamer & Resident Evil 4 A Gamer & Resident Evil 4

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Holy crap, good!

Not bad for a quickly thrown together flash. Includes lots of good stuff only people who've actually played the game can appreciate & laugh at. Not bad at all for what it is.

Make some for the other games.

Xombie: Chapter 9 Xombie: Chapter 9

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Make 'em longer.