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good god..

So, I see this is supposed to be a showcase of skill progression, but...


not so much.

This reminds me of the collages children make by cutting apart magazines and pasting them onto construction paper.

Instead of periodicals, you used sprite sheets.

I suppose it's worthwhile for what it is meant to portray, however after suffering through Kane's entrance theme for over a minute while nothing of actual sense was taking place on the screen, I had to close out the movie.

You have moderate talent, yes. Please continue to apply it as you have prior.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Although you didn't bother getting the whole picture, you've got some good points.

In the earlier days of my return to Flash, much of my motivation was rooted in making my favorite games tween and keyframe to my will. I eventually got accustomed to working with vectors, but it was with the pixel-puppets that I was able to quickly make sense of the program. A quick head count revealed that while vector-based scenes rule the intro, raster-based scenes (and rasterized original art) dominate the rest. I definitely considered making a significant revision to strike more of a balance between the two styles, but Real Life Stuff dictated I'd miss my intended submission date if I started.

About as context-breaking as it might've been for you to sit through, it was a BLOW to learn that this song was Kane's image theme...'specially when the story it tells has no relation to a wrestler patterned for the goths.


This is fantastic. I too have seen this youtube video.
You realize this makes us best friends for life, right?

Of course you do. What a silly stupid question.

Bandyhates is now following you on Twitter!

But what will happen to Draconius? Will he carry out his task or will Gigantor return to find nothing but an abandoned blade-helm and one less follower/ friend...


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surprised this passed judgement.. however it could be interesting if you put a little more effort into it.

I left the window open behind other windows while I was working, with the shield in the corner, and after an hour or so had nearly 200k 'money', clicked shop, then after clicking the ' ? ' for 100k, the game is replaced with a trollface.

0 Overall, for being a DEMO.

Don't use newgrounds as bait to lure people to your site. If you want to post quality work here (which you obviously produce) then do so in whole. Save this demo bullshit for random websurfers who happen upon your site.

This isn't even worth taking the effort to save to a personal archive.


Here's a little glitch I noticed on the square count:

Once the total hits 19 Squares, the next square you absorb keeps the amount at 19 and the square after that registers as the 20th..

Keep going, and once you hit your 55th square, the next square registers as the 57th, completely skipping the display of the 56th.

So in the end, if you score 57 or higher, your count is accurate.

Something I want to know is what triggers the black and red circles to appear? Is it time release, or triggered by score or square count?

The score bonuses don't really seem as valuable as the square count total in the end.. but I suppose the highest score generally counts as a win. The random aspect of having the boosts as opposed to actually being able to absorb the most squares as a test of skill seems unbalanced.

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damn. Someone needs to rap over this.

This is siccwitit.

I rarely, if ever, review audio. This is fantastic.

Mega Man 2 - Flash Man

Not a bad re-hash of the Flash Man stage, from Mega Man 2. I enjoy it. I would love blasting through that icy level to this tune. I find it funny some people think it's Donkey Kong music though... Ah well. Do some of the other Mega Man 2 stages!!

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nice work! I approve

Why don't you produce more content?

Flash, Videos, Voicework, etc.

Your animation and art style is pretty much Seth-tier

you're intentionally unintentionally hilarious and have a very sharp wit.

what is it that you do that takes up all of your time where you aren't pumping out content? I would really like to know, as it must be pretty damn taxing/important.

you ever going to do anything w/ cockbomb.com ?

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